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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cheating Women Syndrome

Last evening, i was in a social  forum where a heated debate ensued on what makes women cheat.
I'm sure you have heard it over and over that men cheat out of lust or to fulfill  their ‘physical needs’.I agree to   a  great percentage with this. For men, it’s never emotional. That’s why men are big on one night stands with no feelings attached.
For women however, its purely emotional. And when women cheat, they go 100% emotional. And it’s all out and nasty to say the least!
R.Kelly sang it...”When a woman is fed up….there is nothing you can do about it...”,I couldn’t have said it better my self.
Long story short, it came out that women cheat because::

#1.The relationship lacks passion:Or so they claim.So they 'spice' things up..(selfishly so..for themselves..)
#2. They extend or cling to a bad relationship:in essence delaying an eventual breakup.Then cheat...!
#3.Distance: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder: One of the  ladies claimed that she cant wait for a dude who has gone to the U.S for example for 3 years. Yet,as he was leaving the country, they had reached a compromise that she waits for him to finish his studies and come back so that they can “pick up how re they left off...(How unfair..of this selfish woman?)
#4.To make a break from a bad relationship: Personally,I have never understood why women claim they want ‘space’! What is 'space' anyway? What happens during the ‘space' period? What are the dos and donts?
#5.Revenge! This is the ultimate betrayal in a woman’s mind.” Let me give him a taste of his own medicine”. Or better still they will claim...”What a man can do,a woman can do   better…!”…

Though not exhaustive, it got me thinking of how a woman’s  mind  operates.
I   know sometimes they can be impulsive, but like a well choreographed dance, a woman’s mind  is always strategic, deceitful,conniving and malicious!
Just my thoughts.
I’d like to learn some more…

What's your say... ?

The scribe rests his pen.


  1. a woman always has a valid reason to cheat, for a man, thats a whole chapter in a book. when a woman cheats, she has tried al avenues and failed.they do not do it to boost their egos like men.

  2. Hellen i beg to differ.How do you validate cheating?Maybe the 'rules of engagement' have changed.So,when push comes to shove a woman cheats?Enlighten me on your point of a woman*im a bit confused*

  3. normally i wouldn't cheat, i think its weak. however if Mr. Man cheats...wrath of a woman scorned...only prayer could keep me sane.

  4. FearlessNazirite...good to know that there are women out there who seek spiritual refuge in such times rather than physical/emotional revenge.Besides,cheating is easy,faithfulness is what people should be aspiring for themselves as a challenge #im just saying