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Monday, 16 November 2015

Still think smoking Shisha is cool?Think again..

Over the weekend while catching up with a friend at a local pub, we were rudely interrupted by a young man.I say rudely because he came armed with an assortment of pipes (tubes) which he proceeded to place stark in the middle of the table almost spilling our drinks. While we were still perturbed, he went on to up-sell his paraphernalia to our bewilderment.It is out of curiosity that we gave him 4 of our valuable minutes within which he tried to close the sale  by offering the benefits of shisha including all the different flavors he had. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen shisha pipes before and I have been with people (some that I know) partake of it. The young man went on to  mention the benefits –key of which was achieving a‘feel good’upon inhalation of the stuff. Seeing that we were uninterested, he moved on to the next table to gain new ‘converts’. This got me thinking and lo and behold; a blog idea was born.