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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Not Every Somali Looking guy is AL-SHABAAB...

I was in Nairobi town today.I could feel the uneasiness in the city with most Nairobians on 100% natural radar alert.The slightest of bang noises would send the next person infront of me to walk three-to four steps faster then look behind to see what was happening.

Two particular incidences made me blog today.


Im on the 10th Flr of Teleposta towers,waiting for an elevator to the Ground Flr.Im late for an appointment so im pacing about waiting for the elevator.

The elevator opens and in it are 5 muslim women all covered up save for their eyes..I take one step back.If ur in Kenya considering the recent happenings between Kenya and Somalia,u know what came into my mind.....Al Shabaab!Then considering i was on the 10th convinient...

I think these women were more scared by my towering  6.8ft frame than i was of them and the thought that they were strapped with explosives ready to scream Allah-u-Akbar then BOOOOOM!!