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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mutula Kilonzo: From ‘Skirty’ Issues to Banning Holiday Tuition

Hardly had the dust settled on the media sensationalized-short skirts in girls’ schools- ruckus than the infamous Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo slapped a ban on Holiday tuition in both private and public primary and secondary schools.

If  you are not in the know,{..sighs*rolls eyes*..}the Minister declared tuition a violation of children’s constitutional right as provided for under the Bill of Rights; Article 5 of the Kenyan Constitution to be precise. He hence issued a directive stopping any kind of institutionalized and paid for remedial teachings countrywide adding that anyone found disregarding this order will be dealt with according to the law. Love him or hate him, Mutula is not only a straight talker but a man of his word.

Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo has been 'accused of skirting issues'
The argument propagated by most teachers that extra tuition was meant to be a period for teachers to cover the syllabus in time in preparation for the final exams did not augur well with Mutula. He instead proposed a review of the curriculum to be in sync with the regular school terms workload.

You see, the minister would like children to be just that; children. Allow me to give you a sneak preview into Mutula’s visionary and idealistic world for a minute….