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Friday, 13 January 2012

Jaffer Isaac..The Kenyan President that never will be.. Phew!

On the tube this morning for yet another time was Jaffer Isaac-‘The Kenyan presidential aspirant that never will be’ on the Power Interview on Citizen TV.

Oh,you don’t know who that is:let me bring you up to speed with my last blog on this character:

If you missed the News as the curtains closed on 2011, Jaffer decided to call off his presidential bid for the 2012 national elections.Pheew!

I breathe a sigh of relief for all Kenyan youth who would have yet again buried their head in their hands in utter shame at misrepresentation because Jaffer Isaac epitomizes the mediocrity that is Kenyan ‘youth’politics.

Listening to him speak you realize that he lacks vision. Most of his ideologies are utopian if you ask me.

Jaffer Isaac represents the misguided ambitions of a diaspora Kenyan who makes a good ‘observer’ since he lacks depth and focus of the real issues in the country.

The last time he was on the big breakfast show,he did not even have a manifesto!I am totally not surprised that he has pulled himself out of the presidential race.

Jaffer leaves a lot of question marks in my mind since he has no clear guidelines on what he wanted to achieve in the first place.His conversation and thinking is full of empty rhetoric and wrong choice of proverbial examples.

What I commend him for is that the businessman in him has seen the writings on the wall very early.He can go home smiling since he wont lose any of his hard earned money or whatever the case might be.

Another thing Jaffer avoided Mutegi’s question whether he has a degree.Not that its an issue to have a degree since there are very street smart  Kenyans who have made it in different spheres of life.

The way Jaffer  tries to articulate issues leaves a lot to be desired.The synchrony between his brain and the words come out of his mouth is quite suspect.

So what was the main reason why he withdrew his presidential bid ?He says it’s because he saw on TV that his local MP went to support a Hague suspect.In his thinking that is betrayal of the people.In between the jibberish he drifted into..i couldn’t get what he was on about!

He says Kenya is not ready for system change in 2012.So why did he drop out of the race rather than be the change pioneer?Dumb!!

Peace and integration between communities in Kenya is a noble course to persue and we wish him well in his endeavours.

What is the deal with Mutegi Njau?As a journalist myself,I get offended at the lack of coinciseness in the carefree nature that he conducts his interviews.

Case in Point#this week he interviewed Equity Bank CEO Dr.James Mwangi.The CEO was expounding on a noble CSR initiative by the bank in  awarding 20 scholarships per district in support of the needy 2011 KCPE candidates:a commendable and humbling initiative in any angle you look at it.

Then Mutegi just had to ask,”And what are you doing for the students in Universities and Colleges?Hmmm?The expression on  the CEO’s face was priceless. If not for live TV,he would have pimp slapped Mutegi!

I could go on and on with such examples but i choose not to...

Me (sic) thinks Mutegi is either going senile or loco’….!Jimmi Gathu this old man is losing the plot!Do something!

The Scribe Rests his pen


  1. ..Another satisfied customer!Always a pleasure Nex!

  2. i totally agree with you on Mutegi, he is a pathetic interviewer. its like he is always against the interviewee....aende homw

  3. Hellen,i think the station ought to look at the expiry date on that guy.He's way past!Keep reading :)