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Monday, 30 January 2012

Nancy Baraza:Kenyan Society's Sacrificial Lamb?

Do you remember some time in 2011 when most Kenyans (me included) were literally glued to live TV watching with intrigue as candidates for the position of Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice were being grilled?

Do you remember also how in glee you were when they were publicly ridiculed with questions concerning their sexuality? It made a good laugh,right?Im sure for some men it made a good enough ice breaker to chat up that sumptuous but elusive office intern, right?

Now >>fast forward>> to the events that have unfolded since 31st Dec 2011….

At this point let me introduce the cast of our Kenyan Soap Opera {Sound track*Smooth melodious Mexican lady singing in the background*}

The soap starts with a reflection of a low incomed 33 year mother of three, Rebecca Kerubocita who resides in a near serene humble Ksh 4,000 two roomed house in the outskirts of Gachie town. She appears simple and articulate by those standards. Next to her is her stone mason husband of 17 years stroking her hair ever so gently as she laughs cheekily.
Rebecca Kerubocita The Security Guard

Now enters in a majestic walk, top of the food chain, no non-sense, elite and sophisticated lady Nancy Barazalita.The back left door of her state of the art Range rover Sport is swung open by her security detail complete in matching suit and pair of shades. The cameras roll in slow motion to capture each essence of class as she struts towards the shopping mall entrance. With every step, the ground shakes beneath her feet.

>>Fast forward again>> She gets to the entrance and realizes other ‘ordinary’ Kenyans are being frisked. She curses under her breath {#obscenities*beeping sound*} She seems to be in a rush, so she walks past the security guard-Kerubocita-who in her bewilderment at this elite Kenyan’s lack of respect for her office goes after Barazalita

She questions her and tells her she has to be frisked..{..Picture in slow motion again...} Barazalita reaches out like she wants to lovingly remove a booger from Kerubocita nose; she pinches her instead and tells her “"you need to know people!!”. She hurriedly walks away to the Pharmacy {to get a Diastop Medication or s’thing else of such urgency…}

Next scene: Kerubocita is on her knees pleading for her life as Barazalita towers over her with a hand held pistol, finger on the trigger like she’s about to play Russian Rolette..!

Dramatic serialization, huh? Now let me get serious.

I had vowed not to get drawn into this Nancy Baraza debacle on social media but seeing that I’m part of it, let me dig in.

I personally think Madame Baraza has been judged harshly by society. She epitomizes most if not all of the elite working class women who have struggled so hard despite all odds to be in highly favored position that were previously male dominated.
Nancy Baraza is in the class of the few elite Kenyan women
It’s a known fact that a better part of Kenyans fidget at the thought of a woman in authority let alone a woman president which at the moment is a distant possibility.

You see, women literally struggle and fend off cut throat competition from men who try to demean them and their capability in different spheres of life.

This has made most women fierce and very defensive to the extent of ‘protecting their space’ at the slightest hint of opposition and/or aggression.

Just like a potter moulds a pot so did the society mould Baraza, so why are we tearing her apart when she ‘naturally’ reacts to aggression?

I mean, let’s cut this woman some slack; she endured a very harsh and intrusive JSC grilling to emerge favored among most other equally qualified candidates. Truth be told, put in her shoes, you and i would also relish such a dignified position in society.
Nancy Baraza during the JSC interview{public grilling}
I am sure Baraza is good at her job and were it not for the self seeking ‘hyenas’and 'vipers' that are eyeing her position and painting her as a bad seed, Kenyans would see it that way too.

From Kerubo’s point of view, being a ‘hustler’ whose husband is on menial on and off jobs, she has had to be the provider for her family. As such she will do anything to preserve her dignity and that of her bread winning job, short of which her supervisor will reprimand her harshly, end result, she will lose her job and her family will sleep hungry for days on end.

So, it just happened that these two worlds collided one day at a shopping mall in December. Both had something to prove at the end of the day. See my point?

But now, the same society that bred these two characters through the ever so propaganda-propagating media made Baraza {Goliath} the sacrificial lamb at the expense of the ‘meek’ {David}. It’s funny how Kerubo kept saying,”Mnyonge hana haki” {the meek have no rights}.

Don’t get me wrong, I condone the fact that Baraza-if at all she did- pinched Kerubo’s nose and then pulled a gun on her head. For that she needs to face the full arm of the law as a disrespectful public servant.

BUT, if you ask me I’d say they were both victims, all they need to do is to settle it amicably, kiss and make up.

But then again women are their own worst enemies!

INTERESTING FACT: Kenyans are known to be good incidental eye witnesses. How come ever since this Baraza-Kerubo saga began not even a single Kenyan has come forward to give his/her account of what they witnessed?

The Scribe rests his pen…


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself!Lets watch the space as the Soap Opera unfolds...

  2. @ Anonymous..yes indeed,the saga continues.
    @ Liannes,im glad i tickled your funny bone.