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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mike Sonko,a reflection of the Kenyan Youth?

Speaking from a Youth's point of view,im appalled at the recent social misdemeanor displayed by the 'flambouyant' Makadara MP,Mike Mbuvi a.k.a Sonko.
Watching news on TV recently when a local TV station serialised Sonko's queer activities in the recent past,to say the least i was embarrassed of being a Kenyan Youth.
Sonko epitomises a lost generation of the Kenyan youth!Yes...there..i said it!

Rasta Man or your Member of Parliament?
It is no wonder the old folks have a reason to claim the youth are 'the leaders on tomorrow' and not today if the present day youth is displayed in the nature of Sonko and others of his ilk.
I can only imagine how my own father in Rural Kisumu shook his head on seeing Sonko adorning a Rasta Cap with dreadlocks and seeking attention as an 'authority voice' of the youth.Im sure if my dad had a facebook or twitter page he would have updated his status immediately and written.."Mike Sonko...NKT"..!!!

I once watched a live parliamentary proceeding in which serious issues of national importance were being discussed.The debate was very engaging and thought provoking and i was enjoying every minute of it UNTIL Sonko rose up on a point of order.In 'characteristic' form,he started heckling in Swahili,going on and on ...rumbling about the plight of the 'oppressed' in his constituency.He was claiming that the Minister had presented a Ministerial Statement following a query he raised earlier in the week.This he says was done in his absence.Unknown to him(since he was not in the house)the minister read the statement.His point of order,valid or not was booed by the MPs in the house and the speaker put him in his place since he was out of order.Among his peers {the MPS} Sonko does not command an ounce of authoritative respect.

Sampling a few comments from Sonko's official Facebook page{}...most youths share the same sentiments...
You want to see what i mean?Check this out....
"{Style up bwana which youth are u rep.Hii group yako ya mayouths ndio wanapick pocket watu mtaani.2012 utajua round hii sio mchezo-{Name withheld}
Mara yeye ni mnati, mara ni babi. Mara youth, mara mzae. I have realized that he has important issues to put across but doesn't know how to. Way too childish-{Name withheld}
ur photo yesterday ws a well labled diagrame of a kenyan leader sufferin 4rm defficiency of good morals n leadership qualities.Styl up men!!ur nt fit 4 vision 2030..nonsense-{Name withheld}
‎................WEEEEE MR PRESIDENT UNGA GANI HIYO UNASEMA  heroin ama gani?umalaya na ulevi ya madawa upeleke makindu nktmatako wewe!{Name withheld} ETC
And more of such comments were still trickling in by the time i was writing this..

Gotta mzae..!!wewe ni msee wetu jo...!
This is my take,Sonko may be young in age but he still has a lot of growing up to do.
Growing up as a leader.It is good to practice servant leadership,but not to the extent that you lose your 
dignity as a leader.Sonko does not need to cover his face in flour and roll on the ground to prove his point?
No one is above the law!Sonko has been defying the law with impunity.What example is he showing to the general public by asking his 'boys' to unclamp his car that had flaunted city by laws by double packing?Worse still,taking away the clamp in his car boot and driving away without haste!The law of the land ought to bite him hard!

Kenyan youth?
I will not go into his dress code.That's a non-issue to me.He can as well show up naked(if that were acceptable..) so long as he can deliver.CJ Mutunga has a stud and he delivers...{so far}see what i mean..?
Sonko needs to internalize and process information in his mind and make sure that what he says as out put from his mind is in sync like a well choreographed brain-mouth dance!
The only unfortunate part is that Kenyans are very forgetful.Come 2012,they will line up in Makadara and probably put an X against Mr.Mbuvi's name and Party(Whichever he will finally adopt..)
If you ask me,the thought of "Sonko for President 2012" just so scary...!!
What i propose is a TOTAL MEDIA BLACK-OUT for Sonko and all his madness!!
And that is my final word!!
If i continue il be giving Sonko undue social media coverage!!

The Scribe rests his pen.

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