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Monday, 3 March 2014

Unlock the Lupita in you

Lupita as 'Patsey' in 12 Years A Slave
The world woke up to the news that Lupita Nyong’o – a Kenyan - had won the coveted Oscars.This,she did for her role as Patsey in Steve McQueen’s screen adaptation of 12 Years A Slave. Lupita, the daughter of Kisumu Senator Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o walked away with the Best Supporting Actress title to add to her collection of accolades won over the recent past.
Social media became awash with congratulatory messages from far & wide for the steady rising film star. I too not to be left behind jumped onto the bandwagon, naturally. *chuckles*.

One thing however stood out for me; Success and how people react to it. Human beings naturally want to associate with successful people and seemingly want to own the same success in proxy. I must admit, the show of patriotism exuded by Kenyans is comparable to-save for national disaster-when our world renowned athletes win major sports meets and marathons in 1-2-3 finishes across the line.

Success attracts success -Lupita poses with Oprah Winfrey 
From the highest office in the land {State House} to the ‘common mwananchi’ [regular folks} exposed to news and internet connectivity, like honey to the lips good will messages were spoken and written on status updates and tweets

Lupita incidentally is not an overnight success as many not in the know would like to believe. She is a thespian of note having arisen through the painstaking and labor intensive field to gain her big break in the film industry. Having acted in local productions and plays, Lupita deserves her princess walk on the Oscars red carpet with the coveted statue to boot.

Lessons learnt from this are that in all that we do, we have to strive to cultivate opportunities for ourselves. Lupita was born in Mexico -where his father had sought political refuge as he worked as a lecturer.Later, when the family came back to Kenya, she tried her hand at numerous productions within East Africa as she grew up nurturing her talent. Opportunity would see her land in England where she studied with others of her ilk but of different cultures
Lupita -The Oscar Princess!

Here is my point;- Parents/Guardians etc strive to give your kids the best. Give them the best education you can possibly afford. With a good education laced with diverse opportunities,good timing and God's favor your kids are bound to grab the best life has to offer. With mentorship, so many little Lupitas can be nurtured even in the most remote parts of this country.

With the backdrop of devolution in Kenya, I pray that equity in access of basic resources and services within Counties can be achieved. It is also up to our leaders to fight for us as taxpayers to create an enabling environment for success. The current trend of devolved corruption in some Counties will be the death of us as a country. Leaders ought to give us reason to dream big by garnering for social, political and economically viable projects that will make us realize our full potential.

As we wallow in Lupita’s success, let us remember that there is a little Lupita in all of us. What we need is that extra nudge to get us out of our comfort zones and work our butts out. You cannot rest on your laurels and hope to be rich and successful. Even the Bible abhors laziness. Industrious people and generally successful people. So let’s work. Period.

As you ponder on these, desist from castigating others and comparing/belittling their achievements {or lack of it} to Lupita. She has done her part and is up there with the stars. Whether in school, employment or any of your day to day engagements ask yourself what significant thing {positive} you can do to win your very own ‘Oscar’..Be the best you can be.It is possible to bring forth the Lupita in you. Success is beckoning, you can choose to answer to it or look the other way. Your move...

“ No matters where you are from, your dreams are valid.”-Lupita Nyong’o 

Lupita dared to dream-Now she's up there with the stars!

The Scribe rests his pen…


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