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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kareke Mbiuki "Look..i'll give you 5K..Go ahead and give birth like rabbits.."..

There is a common Kenyan saying that goes...”Kuzaa sio kazi..Kazi ni kulea mwana... (Loosely translated..Giving birth is not work, the real work is raising the child...)

It therefore sounded to me like complete lunacy when recently on National TV during an opening ceremony for a new public maternity wing an MP declared that he is giving women in his constituency an incentive to get pregnant and give birth.
In a heavy Meru accent the legislator said..” mimi naendelea kupingia watoto ndebe muendelee kuzaana tujaze ndunia ili kura zitoshe…kama ulikuwa umeenda mbreak urundi ili tuungane na nyinyi tunjaze ndunia,”NKT!!!

For Mr.Kareke Mbiuki,a full MP to claim that he would want to have enough numbers to back him from his home turf come 2027 is so shortsighted politics to say the least.
With the  rising cost of living, high dollar rates and fuel prices not to mention stagnant salaries, one would expect any wise Kenyan to embrace family planning amidst belt tightening while looking hopefully to an uncertain future.
As if that is not enough, the MP is giving every woman who gives birth in the constituency 5K and diapers!Seriously?How far can you go in raising your child with 5K and diapers?

some of the women who 'benefitted' from the MPs 'donation'...
 To reinforce his political bid, the MP tells his constituents that he already has 3 kids and the wife is expecting the 4th.Eeer, Mheshimiwa,u want to compare your lifestyle to that of an ordinary Kenyan who survives hand-to-mouth? That’s more reason why you won’t see the insides of parliament come 2027 because when these kids grow up in squalor and hardship they will remember you at the ballot and how you warped their future with your petty politics.
Kenya presently has a population of about 40M as per the last census.The MPs constituency alone has about 1.7 M Kenyans.
The implications of increasing population cuts across socio-economic situations of each household.It beats sense for the MP to 'advise' the 'common mwananchi' to continue giving birth like rabbits at the height of inflation.
This is mediocre politics at its best if you ask me.Going into an election year Kenyans should be wary of the likes of Mr.Mbiuki who promise you the moon when they have never even been close to that moon.
The disillusioned MP

 Say,for example,after 2 weeks the Sh 5,000 that he gives the mothers run out and she is looking at her five or so starving kids running around naked in her 1 room shack in the slums,would the MP host her and her kids for dinner just for that night.
What if the kids fall sick and she has no means-money or otherwise-to take them to hospital,will the MP take them aboard his S class Merc to Nairobi hospital to seek medical attention.
Kenyans,i believe have come a long way to know how far politicians can run their lives.They are a wiser electorate who know which side their bread is battered to avoid the shenzi types like 'Mheshimiwa without heshima Kareke Mbiuki...
The Scribe rests his Pen.....

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